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(c) such other thing as may be prescribed to be a prohibited embryo for the purposes of this Act;

"prohibited practice" means any of the practices prohibited under Part III.

(2) For the purposes of establishing that a human embryo clone is a genetic copy of another living or dead human—

(a) it shall be sufficient to establish that the set of genes in the nuclei of the cells of the living or dead human has been copied; and
(b) it shall not be necessary to establish that the copy is an identical genetic copy.

(3) For the purposes of the definition of "human embryo" in subsection (1), in working out the length of the period of development of a human embryo, any period when the development of the embryo is suspended shall be disregarded.

(4) For the purposes of the definition of "human embryo clone" in subsection (1), a human embryo that results from the technological process known as embryo splitting shall not be taken to be created by a process of fertilisation of a human egg by human sperm.

Act to bind Government

3. This Act shall bind the Government.


Administration of Act

4.—(1) The Director shall be responsible for the administration and enforcement of this Act, subject to the general and special directions of the Minister.

(2) The Director may in writing appoint any public officer or any officer of any statutory authority to be an enforcement officer for the purposes of this Act.