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Then sic a search and sic a running,
But faith the lads were past their fin’ing;
Wi’ speed they ran frae house to house,
Just as a cat would hunt a mouse,
And mony windows and good doors,
Lay a’ in smash upon the floors;
But in the midst o’ a’ this gurie,
Great numbers fled hame in a hurry,
Some was wi’ fighting clean outworn,
And some set tryst to meet the morn;
And some that had na tried their han’,
Set tryst to meet just man to man;
But as they could na see to fight,
They’d let it stand till they’d get light.
So the next morning wi’ the sun,
There were ten score upon the grun,
On ev’ry side ye’d see them rinning,
Wi’ buttocks bare just in their linen;
For when they got the first alarm,
They took their breeks below their arm;
And there was ane gaun to his wark
Was very near hand made a corp,
For twa’r three lads did him attack,
And soon they laid him on his back,
And wad his life ta’en on the spot,
Had not his father ta’en him up.
Then on the green the ring was made,
To try wha had the stoutest hide.
But there was ane wi’ meikle sense,
Ran in and thought the flame to quench,