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envyingly; he was of the new creation and would have given half his broad lauds and vast income to have bought that "high and honourable ancientness" which was the only thing gold could not purchase for him.

"You have a feast for the gods, Erceldoune. If this be Border penury, commend me to it!" cried Glencairne, as he attacked the haunch with a hearty and absorbed attention; like Louis Seize, be would have eaten in the reporter's box at the Assembly while Suleau was falling under twenty sword-thrusts for his sake, and the Swiss Guard were perishing in the Cour Royale.

"I am sure we are infinitely indebted!" murmured Polemore, languidly, gazing at a Venetian goblet given to an Erceldoune by the Queen Regent, Mary of Guise.

"Nay, it is I who am the debtor to a most happy hazard. Try this wine,' said Erceldoune, with that stately courtesy which was blent with his frank, bref, soldier-like manners;—sociality was not his nature, but cordial hospitality was.

The Duke looked up.

"Eh! Tokay? What, the very wine Leopold gave your father? Tiny bottles? all cobwebbed? That's it! The real imperial growth; can't get