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and confetti to the populace and galleys to the patriots do in Rome,"

Scarcely! The Timet would rather say it prevents England's having need of any of those continental argnments," said Erceldoune, as he tossed the brandy into his coffee.

The other laughed, as from under his lashes he flashed a swift glance at the Queen's Messenger. He would have preferred it if there had been less decision about the broad, bold, frank brow, and less power in the length of limb stretched out, and the supple wrist, as it lay resting on the marble slab of the café-table.

"Basta! Governments should give the people plenty to eat and plenty to laugh at; they would never be troubled with insurrections then, or hear anything more about ’liberty!' A sleek, well-fed, happy fellow never turned patriot yet; he who takes a dagger for his country only takes it because he has no loaf of bread to cut with it, or feels inclined to slit his own throat Make com and meat cheap, and you may play tyrant as you like."

"A sound policy, and a Tery simple one."

"All bound things are simple, monsieur! It is the sham and rotten ones that want an intricate scaffolding to keep them from lulling; the perfect