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What Cut into Horace’s Work

ad maecenatem

Horace, Epode XIV.

Mollis inertia cur tantam diffuderit imis
Oblivionem sensibus—”

“What is the cause of this tardy inspiring— Too many juleps traversing your throat?” Thus, my Maecenas, your ceaseless inquiring. Chop it, old top, it arouses my goat.

Blame not the stuff that is sacred to Bacchus; Cupid’s the reason that pome isn’t done. He is some deity, flip it from Flaccus, Keeps me from finishing work I’ve begun.

Well, Old Anacreon had the bacillus; Burning affection kept him on the rack. He couldn’t work when he thought of Bathyllus (Read what was written on that by Anack).

As to your Beautiful Lady, Maecenas, Helen herself was no fairer a frail. Phryne the flirt, but consid’able Venus, Keeps me from work for THE EVENING MAIL.