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3. The author entry gives full information. The titles of the stories under the author's name are alphabetically arranged and each is followed by references given in the following order:

a. Reference to the complete edition of the author's works if one has been issued.

b. References to the titles of the separate volumes of the author's works in which the story has appeared.

c. References to editions of collected stories in which the story has been reprinted are indicated by the use of the editor's name whenever that is known; otherwise by the title of the volume.

d. References to the magazines if the story has appeared in periodicals.

By means of this arrangement, it is possible to find the author of a short story, the title only of which is known; the exact title of a story whose author is known, and the different places in which the story may be found, in college and high school work the demand often comes for as many copies as possible of a given story. The Index to Short Stories informs the reference librarian of resources perhaps unsuspected in his own collection.

A list of the abbreviated titles of magazines to which reference is made in this volume, followed by the full title may be found in the succeeding pages, The abbreviations usually are those used in Poole's Index and in the Readers' Guide.

The Index has been compiled chiefly from the Library of Congress catalog and verified by a comparison with books in local collections, with those in the Library of Congress and in the New York Public Library. I take pleasure in expressing my appreciation of the privileges extended to me in both of these libraries.

Ina Ten Eyck Firkins

Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 1, 1923.