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Siddha Rice

( Rice husked from pre-boiled paddy )

Three seers of water are required for one seer of rice. Heat water in a pan and when it begins to boil pour the rice, washed clean, in it and close the lid. After a few minutes when the boiling water becomes practically unmanageable it is necessary to let the surplus steam escape from the pan either by removing the lid entirely or by pushing it to one side. After about fifteen minutes pick a few grains with a spoon and feel if they are soft and well-boiled. When they are so, take the pan down from the oven and remove the excess whitish starchy water either by placing the pan upside down upon the lid or by tilting it on one side and carefully decanting the water out keeping the rice within. It should then be re-heated for a very short time to dry up the sticking moisture. Washing the boiled rice on a seive with water to render the individual grains separate and