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Wash equal weights of fine rice, atap or siddha, and fried moog-dal, and drop them in boiling water. After a few minutes add sliced onions and potatoes, fried or raw, if desired. When the rice are half boiled add 2 tolas of powdered turmeric, 1 tola of powdered cumin and 2 tolas of salt for every seer of rice. Take the cooking-pot off the fire when the khechuri is fully boiled and is tolerably thick. Fry a few cloves, the seeds of a few cardamoms, some red chillies, broken in two, and cassia leaves in ghee in another pot. Pour in the khechuri when the smell of the spices comes out, and stir. Take down after a few minutes. Serve while hot with plenty of ghee, prepared from cow-milk, on the khechuri.

Slow heat and constant stirring are essential specially at the finishing time in the preparation of khechuri as was in the case of polao, otherwise a portion of the boiling mass may get scorched, and the whole thing may thereby be absolutely spoiled.


Required:—Rice ½ seer, dal prepared from fried golden-coloured moog 1 seer, green pea-grains 1 seer, ghee ½ seer, saffron ⅛ tola, salt 3 tolas, turmeric ½ tola, coriander 1 tola, pepper 1 tola, cumin 1 tola, garam-