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Chach-chari is a fried preparation of vegetables without soup. Bengalees favour it much. It is served with dal and its preparation is quite simple.

Required:—Cauliflower 1 seer, potato 1 powa, green peas ½ powa, bori ½ powa, oil 1 powa, ground turmeric 1 tola, red chillies ½ tola, pepper ½ tola, cumin ½ tola, coriander 1 tola, cinnamon 1 tola, salt 2 tolas, and a few cloves, cardamoms, cassia leaves and panch-foron, water about ½ seer.

Method:—Brown the bori in oil and keep them aside. Brown all the vegetables, peeled and cut in pieces, and add water with all the powdered spices except the panch-foron, cassia leaves and a few red chillies. Add bori and salt when it boils. Season the curry with the rest of the oil heated with the remaining spices. Take down when the water dries up.


Take some tender stalks of arum ( available only in the rainy season ), skin them and cut into pieces an inch long. Boil them and drain off the water. Add ground pepper, cumin, coriander, turmeric, red chillies and salt, and beat thoroughly. Fry this with a handful of moistened grams in oil heated with a few cumin seeds. Add some minced kernel of cocoanut and stir. Take down when the soup dries up. A little milk and a pinch of sugar may be added if desired.

Tender leaves of amrita mun, available all the year round, may also be prepared in the same way.