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mucous membranes of the mouth and throat due to the presence of the microscopic needle-like crystals called raphides in them. Then smear the boiled pieces with ground turmeric and salt, and fry in boiling oil.


A tasteful preparation is made of the peelings of potato, sweet gourd, jhinga, green banana, tender pumpkin, etc., and is generally taken with fried rice. Cut them in small pieces, wash thoroughly, and boil in water. Drain the water, which contains vitamin, in a cup when the peelings are boiled. Fry them with oil. Then add the water in which they were boiled with salt, ground turmeric, red chillies, and mustard or cumin Stir and take down when no soup is left.


Cut the two ends and peel off the hard fibres from the two edges, if there are any. Boil in saline water, smear ground turmeric, and fry with oil.


Cut a few tender brinjals in very big pieces, smear salt and ground turmeric, and fry in oil. Or cut the brinjals in thin slices, dip them in a thick solution of pulse-meal(besam) thoroughly beaten, with salt some poppy-seeds, a few black-cumin and aniseeds, all entire, and fry them in plenty of boiling oil or ghee till brown. Pieces of sweet gourd, potato, patol, etc. may be fried in the same way. Eat while hot.