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enamelled pot with ghee and pour the liquid into it. Place this pot on hot water to coagulate the liquid. Then cut it into cubes and immerse in a syrup of sugar.


Drop a few eggs, after washing them, in boiling rice. Pick out when the rice is ready, shell and serve them with powdered pepper and salt. They may be mixed with similarly boiled potatoes and taken with rice.

The less the eggs are boiled the more assimilable they are. Unboiled eggs should be washed with hot water before taking as they may be contaminated by germs of disease. Half boiling requires 3 to 3½ minutes of light boiling, 4 minutes lightly coagulate the white while 5 minutes set it firmly. Hard boiled eggs, used for curries, require 10 minutes, Eggs may also be half boiled by removing a pot of boiling water from the oven and keeping the eggs in it for about 5 minutes.


Fry a half cap of khowa kheer in ghee and grind it finely. Mix it with two cups of the contents of eggs some sugar, cardamom seeds, raisins, pasted almonds and a little rose water, and beat thoroughly. Take a few casting moulds for shaping and smear their interior surfaces with a little ghee. Stuff them with the mixture, close them with a little flour-paste and boil in water for about 15 minutes. Then open the joints of the moulds and the food is ready to be served.