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Indian Independence Act, 1947.

10 & 11 Geo. 6. Ch. 30.



1. The new Dominions.
2. Territories of the new Dominions.
3. Bengal and Assam.
4. The Punjab.
5. The Governor-General of the new Dominions.
6. Legislation for the new Dominions.
7. Consequences of the setting up of the new Dominions.
8. Temporary provision as to government of each of the new Dominions.
9. Orders for bringing this Act into force.
10. Secretary of State's services, etc.
11. Indian armed forces.
12. British forces in India.
13. Naval forces.
14. Provisions as to the Secretary of State and the Auditor of Indian Home Accounts.
15. Legal proceedings by and against the Secretary of State.
16. Aden.
17. Divorce jurisdiction.
18. Provisions as to existing laws, etc.
19. Interpretation, etc.
20. Short title.
First Schedule—Bengal Districts provisionally included in the new Province of East Bengal.
Second Schedule—Districts provisionally included in the new Province of West Punjab.
Third Schedule—Modifications of Army Act and Air Force Act in relation to British forces.