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to the base of the petals. Drupe elliptic, oblong, 1 in. long, size of an olive, pale-yellow.

Properties and Uses:—Possesses the bitterness and probably the tonic properties of gulanchâ (Ph Ind.)

40. T. cordifolia, Miers. H.F.B.I., I. 97.

Syn.:—Menispermum cordifolium, Roxb., Cocculus cordifolius, D.C.

Habitat:—Throughout tropical India, from Kumaon to Assam and from Behar and the Concan to the Carnatic. In the Dun and Shaharanpur forests, fairly common.

Sans.:—Guduchi (bitter plant), Kundali (coiled) Chhina(cut) Vayasthâ (old), Amrita-Vallari (immortal Creeper), chhinnodh-hana (growing after being cut), Chhinnaruha, Amrita (nectar), Jwara-nâshini (febrifuge) Vatsâdani (eating its own offspring), Chandrapasa deriding the moon), Jivanti (living), Chakra-Lakshana (wheel-shaped.)

Vern.:—Gurach, gurcha, giloe, gulancha, gul-bet, (extract)-palo, sut-gilo, satte-gilo (root)-ghlancha-ki-jar, (Hind.); gulancha, gurach, giloe, nim-gilo, gadancha (Beng.); zakhmi haiyat, gilo, garum, garham, batindu, (Pb.) (Extract)-palo, sut-gilo (Sind); Gulwel, (CP.); Gulvel, guloe, gharol, giroli, ambarvel; (Bomb.); Gulaveli, gulavela, gulwail, guloe, gharol, (Mar.); Gado, gulvel, galo, (Guz.); gul-wail, gul-bel, gulo, (extract)-polo, sat-gilo, gulbel ka-sat, (Dec); Shindil-kodi, (extract)-shindil-shakkarai (root)- shindil, kodi-ver, (Tam.); Tippa-lige guluchi, guduchi, guricha, manapala, tippatingai, (extract) Tippa-tige-sattu, (root)-tippa-tege veru (Tel.); Amrita-Calli, amruta-Calli, (Kan.) ; Amruta valli, citamerdu, amruta, chitramruta (Malay); Amritvel, amritwel (Goa).

A glabrous, succulent, climbing shrub, often reaching a great height and sending down long thread-like aerial roots, closely warted. Bark grey or creamy-white, deeply cleft in spiral longitudinal clefts, the space between the clefts usually dotted with large rosette-like corky lenticels. Wood white, soft, porous. Pores small to large, rather scanty, irregularly arranged between the few broad medullary rays (Gamble). Leaves 2-4 in., broadly