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The Secondary Alkaloids.

The amorphous basic mixture, obtained after the separation of thebaine and isothebaine, contains 2 alkaloids without, and at least 3 with phenolic properties.

(Chemical Abstracts for February 10, 1915, pp. 298-300.)

The non-phenolic alkaloids consist of protopine, m. pt. 204°-205°C. and an amorphous alkaloid very soluble in organic solvents, whilst the phenolic alkaloids consist of a new alkaloid, glucidine, m. pt. about 238°-239°C., (a) D about -f 47 to -f- 54°, giving color reactions similar to, and apparently closely related to, glaucine, and a mixture of amorphous alkaloids too small in amount to separate and characterise— J. Ch. I. for October 31, 1914, p. 1026.

62. Argemone mexicana, Linn, h.f.b.i., i. 117. Roxb. 426.

Engl:—The Mexican or Prickly Poppy.

Sanskrit:—Srigala-Kanta ; brahmadandi.

Vern.:—Bharbhand, piladhutura, farangi-dhutura, ujar-Kanta Shial-kantn, sial-kanta (H.); Baro-Sliial kanta (B.); Gokuhla janum (Santal); Bharbhurwa, ETarwah kantela (N.-W. P.); Kandiari, Snlkanta bhatmil, Satyanasa, bherband, Katci, bhat- kateya (Pb.); Farangi dhatura, bharamdandi, daruri, pila- dhatura (Dack.'); Darudi (Guj.); Firangidhotra, daruri, pinvala- dhotra, kante-dhotra (Mar.); Biratna-dandu, Kurukkum-Chedi, (Tarn.); Brahma daudi-chettu (Tel.); Datturi, datturi-gidda (Kan.); Brahma-danti (Mai J; Kanta-kusham (Uriya).

Habitat:—By roadside and Simla 5,000 ft., in fields through- out India.

An erect, prickly, robust annual herb, with copious yellow juice and rigid prickles, growing wild in rich roadside places and rice-fields, after the crops of rice-plants are cut down; stem sometimes half-woody below, 2-4 ft., with spreading branches. Leaves 3-7 in., amplexicaul, glaucous-green, blotched with white, deeply repand, sinuate, pinnatifid, with thorny teeth. Peduncles erect, both before and after flowering. Flowers yellow, scentless 1-3 in. diam. Calyx glabrous and prickly; sepals horned at the top. Petals 4-6; stamens numerous. Stigmas 4-5, radiating free, red. Capsules f-lj in. long, terete, prickly, 4-5-valved; obovate, or elliptic-oblong, 1-celled; opening by valves at the apex. Seeds spherical, shining, black, pitted.