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my hand. I had quite forgotten that it was very unbecoming conduct in a Hindu cook-maid to remain standing thus in the presence of men. I noticed that he was no longer enjoying his food. Ramram Babu too observed this and asked:

"Upendra Babu, you are not eating?"

This was all that I was waiting to hear. Upendra Babu! Even before I had heard the name, I knew he was my husband.

I ran into the kitchen, and throwing down the dish, seated myself in sheer ecstasy of joy. Ramram Babu called out, "What was that which fell?" It was merely a dish of meat, after all!


What am I to do now? From this time forth I must make mention of my husband's name a hundred times in my narrative. Will my lively lady readers kindly sit in committee and tell me what word to use when I make mention of him? Shall I offend their delicate ears by saying "my husband" over and over again?