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Any of the following works sent post-paid, on receipt of price, by





WHAT IS PROPERTY? Or, An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government. By P. J. Proudhon. Translated from the French by Benj. R. Tucker. 500 pages. Cloth, $2.00; paper, $1.20.

SYSTEM OF ECONOMICAL CONTRADICTIONS; or. The Philosophy of Misery. By P. J. Proudhon. Translated from the French by Benj. R. Tucker. 469 pages. Cloth, $2.00.

MUTUAL BANKING. Showing how Interest can be Abolished. By Wm. B. Greene. 25 cents.

A LETTER TO GROVER CLEVELAND on his false Inaugural Address (in 1885), the usurpations and crimes of lawmakers and judges, and the consequent poverty, ignorance, and servitude of the people. By Lysander Spooner. 110 pages. 35 cents.

FREE POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS: Their Nature, Essence, and Maintenance. An Abridgment and Rearrangement of Lysander Spooner's "Trial by Jury." Edited by Victor Yarros. 47 pages. 25 cents.

THE ANARCHISTS. A Picture of Civilization at the Close of the Nineteenth Century. By John Henry Mackay. Translated from the German by George Schumm. 305 pages. Cloth, $1.00 paper, 50 cents.

A VINDICATION OF NATURAL SOCIETY. By {{sc|Edmund Burke. 36 pages. 10 cents.

WORK AND WEALTH. By J. K. Ingalls. 16 pages. 16 cents.

SOCIAL WEALTH. By J. K. Ingalls. 320 pages. Cloth, $1.00.

GOD AND THE STATE. By Michael Bakounine. Translated from the French by Benj. R. Tucker. 52 pages. 15 cents.

A POLITICIAN IN SIGHT OF HAVEN: Being a Protest against the Government of Man by Man. By Auberon Herbert. 10 cents.

TAXATION OR FREE TRADE. A Criticism upon Henry George's "Protection or Free Trade." By John F. Kelly.

l5 pages. 5 cents.