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Faint heart never won fair lady!
Every journey has an end—
When at the worst affairs will mend—
Dark the dawn when day is nigh—
Hustle your horse and don't say die!

Ld. Toll.

He who shies
At such a prize
Is not worth a maravedi,
Be so kind
To bear in mind—
"Faint heart never won fair lady!"


Faint heart never won fair lady!
While the sun shines make your hay—
Where a will is, there's a way—
Beard the lion in his lair—
None but the brave deserve the fair!

Ld. Ch.

I'll take heart
And make a start—
Though I fear the prospect's shady—
Much I'd spend
To gain my end—
Faint heart never won fair lady!


Faint heart never won fair lady!
Nothing venture, nothing win—
Blood is thick, but water's thin—
In for a penny, in for a pound—
It's Love that makes the world go round!

Dance, and exeunt arm-in-arm together.

Enter Strephon in very low spirits.

Streph. I suppose one ought to enjoy onesself in Parliament, when one leads both parties, as I do! But I'm miserable, poor, broken-hearted fool that I am! Oh Phyllis, Phyllis!—

Enter Phyllis.

Phyl. Yes?
Streph. (surprised). Phyllis! But I suppose, I should say "My Lady." I have not yet been informed which title your ladyship has pleased to select?