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neither fight; for I am not among you; lest ye be smitten before your enemies.' 43So I spoke unto you, and ye hearkened not; but ye rebelled against the commandment of the Lord, and were presumptuous, and went up into the hill-country. 44And the Amorites, that dwell in that hill-country, came out against you, and chased you, as bees do, and beat you down in Seir, even unto Hormah. 45And ye returned and wept before the Lord; but the Lord hearkened not to your voice, nor gave ear unto you. 46So ye abode in Kadesh many days, according unto the days that ye abode there.

2Then we turned, and took our journey into the wilderness by the way to the Red Sea, as the Lord spoke unto me; and we compassed mount Seir many days.

2And the Lord spoke unto me, saying: 3'Ye have compassed this mountain long enough; turn you northward. 4And command thou the people, saying: Ye are to pass through the border of your brethren the children of Esau, that dwell in Seir; and they will be afraid of you; take ye good heed unto yourselves therefore; 5contend not with them; for I will not give you of their land, no, not so much as for the sole of the foot to tread on; because I have given mount Seir unto Esau for a possession. 6Ye shall purchase food of them for money, that ye may eat; and ye shall also buy water of them for money, that ye may drink. 7For the Lord thy God hath blessed thee in all the work of thy hand; He hath known thy walking through this great wilderness; these forty years the Lord thy God hath been with thee; thou hast lacked nothing.' 8So we passed by from our brethren the children of Esau, that dwell in Seir, from the way of the Arabah, from Elath and from Ezion-geber.

And we turned and passed by the way of the wilderness of Moab. 9And the Lord said unto me: 'Be not at enmity with Moab, neither contend with them in battle; for I will not give thee of his land for a possession; because I have given Ar unto the children of Lot for a possession.— 10The Emim dwelt therein aforetime, a people great, and many, and tall, as the Anakim; 11these also are accounted Rephaim, as the Anakim; but the Moabites call them Emim. 12And in Seir dwelt the Horites aforetime, but the children of Esau succeeded them; and they destroyed them from before them, and dwelt in their stead; as Israel did unto the land of his possession, which the Lord gave unto them.— 13Now rise up, and get you over the brook Zered.' And we went over the brook Zered. 14And the days in which we came from Kadesh-barnea, until we were come over the brook Zered, were thirty and eight years; until all the generation, even the men of war, were consumed from the midst of the camp, as the Lord swore unto them. 15Moreover the hand of the Lord was against them, to discomfit them from the midst of the camp, until they were consumed.

16So it came to pass, when all the men of war were consumed and dead from among the people, 17that the Lord spoke unto me saying: 18'Thou art this day to pass over the border of Moab, even Ar; 19and when thou comest nigh over against the children of Ammon, harass them not, nor contend with them; for I will not give thee of the land of the children of Ammon for a possession; because I have given it unto the children of Lot