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the winter's severity, but fell a sacrifice to the effects of scurvy; for, on the island being visited in the following summer, their dead bodies were found in their huts. A journal was discovered which they had kept from August the 26th, until April the 31st, and it was therefore supposed, that the last died about that time, as it contains some interesting remarks on the state of the wind, a copy of which is given by Churchill as follows:

State of the wind and weather, from august to may, in the island of jan mayen , as collected from the journal of seven sailors of holland who wintered there in the year 1633—4.
1633. Winds. Remarks.
Aug. 26 NE Strong breeze. The fleet sailed for Holland
27 NE
28 NE Snow
29 Clear
30 NW, at night NE
31 NE Fresh gale, clear
Sept. 1 NW to NE Snow
2 NE Snow
3 NE Some snow
4 NE Some snow
5 NE Some snow
6 NE Rainy
7 NE Fair. At night SEbS rainy
8 SE Rainy Morning
9 SE Clear and warm
10 SE Very stormy, rainy
11 SEbS to SW and NE Foggy, rainy
12 NE Blowing hard, clear