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We, the under-signed, Merchants, Ship-Owners, &c., at Yarmouth, have this day, at the request of Captain Manby, attended an experiment of his New-invented gun-harpoon, do Certify, that the Harpoon is discharged from the Gun, and flies with a true position, point blank, upwards of Thirty Yards, through an Inch Board, and, from the construction of the Lock, it is not probable the Gun will miss fire—and we do further certify, that it appears to us, from the formation of the Harpoon, it is not likely to draw after it has struck the Fish.

W. Palgrave, Jun., Collr. Customs.
Samuel Paget.
Timothy Steward.
Ambrose Palmer.
Dawson Turner.

Yarmouth, 9th Feb. 1820.

The following figure represents the harpoon, with which the experiment here certified was made. It was two inches in diameter, seven inches in length, and weighed 3lb. 1oz. The rope was fastened to it by stout strips of raw ox-hide, capable of enduring the powerful inflammation of the powder without injury, and plaited very closely. The harpoon had a wooden cap at that end which was first introduced into the gun.

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The arms or withers of this harpoon were let into a mortice made to receive them, sufficiently deep to admit of