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Aborigines of the North East Frontier. By B. H. Hodgson, Esq., 309
South. By B. H. Hodgson, Esq., 461
Analysis of the Bengali Poem Raj Mala, or Chronicles of Tripura. By the Rev. James Long, 533
Answers to Mr. Piddington's Queries about Winds, Storms, &c. in Tibet. By Dr. A. Campbell, 457
Ball Coal of the Burdwan Mines, A Third Notice on the. By H. Piddington, Esq., 75
Bird-devouring habits of a species of Spider, Note on the. By Captain Sherwill, 474
Brahminical Conquerors of India, some conjectures on the progress of the. By H. Torrens, Esq., 1
Calderite, an undescribed Silicio-Iron and Manganese Rock, On. By H. Piddington, Esq., 145
Dust Storms of India, On the. By P. Baddeley, Esq 390
Encrustation of Steam Boilers and Pipes in India, On the. By Dr. G. Buist 419
General Vibration, or Descent and Upheaval, which seems, at a recent Geological period, to have occurred all over the Northern Hemisphere, On the. By George Buist, LL.D., 302
Ghassanite Kings, On the. By Dr. A. Sprenger, 469
Haughtonite, Examination of the New Mineral. By Henry Piddington, Esq., 452
Inscription Engraved on a brick found in a village in the Juanpur district, Note on an. By Captain M. Kittoe, 454
from Oujein, Note on an. By Rajendralal Mitter, 475
Iron from the Dhunakar Hills, Birbhoom, Note on a specimen of. By H. Torrens, Esq., „. 77
Jhilum, Descriptive notice of the district of. By L. Bowring, Esq., 43
Law of Storms in the Indian and China Seas, A Nineteenth Memoir on the. By H. Piddington, Esq. 349