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[No. 7.
Translation of the " Vichitra NataL"

Seshnag, be hath a thousand heads
And twice one thousand ready tongues,
With each of which, he sings God's praise,
But hath not told it all, as yet !
God's mercy is too abundant
For mortal man to understand ;
Vain is the task to picture him,
Whose greatness, all must acknowledge.
Assisted by his gentle love,
Most truly, all things I narrate,
And now about myself, I write,
1 come from the tribe of Sodi.
Hitherto I have failed to expatiate at length
On subjects which nevertheless interest me
Much ; it is now my intention to be a little
More discursive : so listen all of ye.
When Time first spread himself in space
The Universe was created,
Kalsen was formed, of figure
Indescribable, but lovely.
The second Raja was Kalket
And after him Krur Baras.
The fourth, was call'd Kal Tojar
From whom came the race of mankind,
He had a thousand eyes
He had a thousand feet
He slept upon Sesh Nag,
Sesh Sayi thence was named.
Lo ! from one ear he drew some wax
And thence Madhkitab quick was born,
Then from the other he took more,
With which, the giant world was made.
Powerful Time, then Madhkitab slew,
Whose fat, mingling with the ocean
In portions of the sea congealed,
And thus produced was, the earth.
And in those first days, all who were