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A Journey Round my Room.

falling star from the sky. She found the other in a state of ecstasy, which she herself increased by sharing it. This strange and unexpected position caused all thought of time and space to vanish from my mind. I lived for a moment in the past, and, contrary to the order of nature, I grew young again. Yes, before me stands that adored one; 'tis she, her very self! She smiles on me, she will speak and own her love. That glance! .... come, let me press thee to my heart, O, my loved one, my other self! Partake with me this intoxicating bliss The moment was short, but ravishing. Cool reason soon reasserted her sway, and in the twinkling of an eye I had grown a whole year older. My heart grew icy cold, and I found myself on a level with the crowd of heedless ones who throng the earth.