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A Tear.


others' shoes for money!" This word money came upon me like a flash of lightning. I suddenly remembered that for a long time my servant had not had any money from me.

"Joannetti," said I, drawing away my foot, "have you any change?"

A smile of justification lit up his face at the question.

"No, sir; for the last week I have not possessed a penny. I have spent all I had for your little purchases."

"And the brush? I suppose that is why .... ?

He still smiled. Now, he might very well have said, "No, sir; I am not the empty-headed ass you would make out your faithful servant to be. Pay me the one pound two shillings and sixpence half-penny you owe me, and then I'll buy you your brush." But no, he bore this ill treatment rather than cause his master to blush