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Planes of Correspondence


classify Matter under the head of Energy, and give to it three of the Seven Minor Planes of the Great Physical Plane.

These Seven Minor Physical Planes are as follows:

  • VII.I. The Plane of Matter (A).
  • VII.II. The Plane of Matter (B).
  • VII.III. The Plane of Matter (C).
  • VII.IV. The Plane of Ethereal Substance.
  • VII.V. The Plane of Energy (A).
  • VII.VI. The Plane of Energy (B).
  • VII. The Plane of Energy (C).

The Plane of Matter (A) comprises the forms of Matter in its form of solids, liquids, and gases, as generally recognized by the text-books on physics. The Plane of Matter (B) comprises certain higher and more subtle forms of Matter of the existence of which modern science is but now recognizing, the phenomena of Radiant Matter, in its phases of radium, etc., belonging to the lower sub-division of this Minor Plane. The Plane of Matter (C)