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The Kybalion

The classification of the Seven Minor Mental Planes is more or less satisfactory and arbitrary (unless accompanied by elaborate explanations which are foreign to the purpose of this particular work), but we may as well mention them. They are as follows:

  • VII.I. The Plane of Mineral Mind.
  • VII.II. The Plane of Elemental Mind (A).
  • VII.III. The Plane of Plant Mind.
  • VII.IV. The Plane of Elemental Mind (B).
  • VII.V. The Plane of Animal Mind.
  • VII.VI. The Plane of Elemental Mind (C).
  • VII. The Plane of Human Mind.

The Plane of Mineral Mind comprises the "states or conditions" of the units or entities, or groups and combinations of the same, which animate the forms known to us as "minerals, chemicals, etc." These entities must not be confounded with the molecules, atoms and corpuscles themselves, the latter being merely the material bodies or forms of these entities, just as a