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Literary Gazette, 15th March 1823, Page 171 (cont.)

Hope, from a design by a Lady.

She leant upon an Anchor, and a smile,
Half light, half love, played o'er her lips the while;
A green braid in her chestnut hair was worn—
The colour Hope and Spring have ever borne.

Radiant Spirit! first of all
Shining in the coronal
Of the joys that yet arise,
Rainbow gleams of paradise.
Sweet Hope! every pleasant flower
Suns itself in thy glad power;
Every sorrow comes to thee,
Desart[1] fount for Misery!
Guide and beauty of Love's wings,
Cradle whence young Genius springs,
Could the Poet's spirit cope
This rude world, uncheered by Hope?
Could the glorious Painter trace
Brow of beauty, shape of grace,
Nurse his visions as they rise,
But for thy dear flatteries?
Fair Hope! are there none to raise
Hymn and altar in thy praise?
Yes, thy hymn shall rise from her,
On earth thy sweet minister,
Woman, whose so soothing tone
Caught its echo of thine own;
And for incense shall arise
Breath of her delicious sighs;
And thy shrine be flowers, that bear
Morning sun and evening air.
Bright Hope! these alone can be
Priest and Temple worthy thee![2]

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