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48o GEORGII III Cap 142.

such Case there shall be produced to the said Officer (in lieu of such certificates and Affidavits as aroresaid) an Affidavit or solemn Affirmation in, Writing of the Age of such Nominee, together with his or her Name, Surname, Addition, and Employment, or Occupation (if any) and Place of Abode; and also the Place of his or, her Birth, and the Names of his or her Parents, or reputed Parents, and also that the Person named and described in such Affidavit is the same Person who is appointed to be such Nominee, which Affidavit or solemn Affirmation shall be made by such, Nominee, or by the Person or by one of the Persons by whom or on whose Behalf such Annuity shall be purchased, or by some other Person having Knowledge of the several Circumstances before-mentioned, in which latter Case the said Affidavit shall also be accompanied by an Affidavit, to be made by the Person or one of the Persons by whom or on whose Behalf such Annuity shall be purchased, that the Contents of such last mentioned Affidavit are, to the best of his or her Knowledge and Belief are true; which said Affidavits respectively shall be taken before One or More of the Judges of any of His Majesty's Courts of Record at Westminster, if in England:or if in Scotland or Ireland, then before One or more of the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland or Ireland respectively; and. if such Nominee shall be a Native of Great Britain or Ireland, then in such Affidavit shall also be stated the Cause why a Certificate of the Copy of the Register of his or her Birth or Baptism cannot-be produced.

VI. Average Prices of Stocks to be daily made out and transmitted to Officer.

And, for adcertaining the average Price of Bank Annuities according to which the Amount of Life Annuities purchased under the Provisions of this Act is to be regulated; be it further enacted, That the Cashier or Cashiers of the Governor and Company of the Bank of England shall and they are hereby required, on' every Day on which any Three Pounds per Centum Consolidated or Reduced Bank Annuities shall have been bought at the Bank of England, to cause an Account to be made out of the average Price at which Three Pounds per Centum Consolidated and Three Pounds per Centum Reduced Bank Annuities respecyively shall have: been bought on such Day (or in case only One of such Stocks shall have been bought,then the average Price of such of the said Stocks as shall have been bought on that Day) which Account shall be transmitted to the Officer to be appointed as aforesaid, for the Purpose of enabling him to ascertain, and certify in the Manner herein-after directed, the respective Amounts of the life Annuities which may be purchased under the Provisions of this Act, and shall be put up in same conspicuous Place of his Office, in order that the same may be seen by all Persons desirous of ascertaining the Price at which Stock may be transferred for the Purchase of Life Annuities.

VIII. Granting a certificate upon the Production of which the Stock may be transferred and the Party receive an Acquittance.

And be it further enacted, That in case it shall appear to the said Officer, that the Certificates and Affidavits so produced to him as aforesaid are conformable to the Directions of this Act, he shall thereupon ascertain the Amount of the Life Annuity to be payable in respect of the Bank Annuities proposed to be transferred for the Purchase thereof, and, grant his Certificate in the Form expressed in the Schedule to this Act annexed marked (B.), and shall transmit to the Governor and Company of the Bank of England a Duplicate of such Certificate; and upon the Production and Delivery at the Bank of England of the said Certificate granted to the Party by the said Officer, and upon the Transfer to the Commissioner for the Reduction of the National Debt, of the Bank Annuities to be