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of King Edward, took her for his concubine, as will appear in the cloſe of this hiſtory. But the maid he had bribed with gold to get her abroad, repenting of ſuch treachery, to her maſter gave timely notice, and to prevented it.

Her father perceiving, that, unleſs he took ſome ſpeedy courſe, her great ſtock of beauty would be her ruin, reſolved to marry her, ſo that having ſurrendered her Virginity, and being in the arms of a huſband, thoſe that ſought to crop her Virgin Roſe would not regard her, but give over their purſuit.

And among thoſe that courted, and earneſtly fought her, in way of marriage, was one Matthew Shore, a rich goldſmith in Lombard-ſtreet, whom her father pitched upon as a fit huſband, and acquainted his fair daughter with his intention to marry her to him. but ſhe appeared very averſe to it, alledging ſometimes diſproportion of years, he being above