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Most Holy Child Jesus.


Always wear her scapular and one of her medals. Often say her Rosary, or a part of it. The more you use the Rosary the more you will get to love that devotion, and the more you will learn from it. It is a summary of the whole Gospel, from the announcement of the coming of a Saviour to the crowning of one of the redeemed in Heaven—even Mary herself, the most excellently redeemed, conceived without sin, the Virgin Mother, the chosen means by which He came to be the Saviour of the world.


Let devotion to him and a loving trust in him be a part of your imitation of the Holy Child Jesus. He is the Foster-father of our Blessed Saviour, and therefore our Foster-father, the Patron of the universal Church.

Remember also your Guardian-angel, who is ever with you, and sees all your