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The Little Book of the

present, and that Thou seest all my heart; with my whole heart I adore and I love Thee.

I thank Thee, because Thou hast created me to know, love, and serve Thee.

I thank Thee, because Thou hast redeemed me by the precious Blood, and made me Thy own.

I thank Thee, because Thou hast kept me safely through the night past, and hast given me another day in which to serve Thee.

I thank Thee humbly for all the good things Thou hast done for me and given me.

I offer Thee, poor child as I am, what Thou hast given me—my heart and my soul.

I offer Thee all my thoughts, my words and actions, all that I may have to suffer this day. Give me Thy holy grace, that I may not offend Thee now or in the time to come.