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The Little Book of the

because Thou art so good to me, I love Thee with my whole heart. Make me to love Thee ever more and more. For Thy dear sake, I love my neighbour as myself.

Give me grace in this holy love to live and die.


My God, because Thou art so very good, I am truly sorry from my heart that I have sinned against Thee. I have also deserved Thy anger and Thy dreadful punishment. I beg pardon for having sinned against Thy great goodness, and I firmly resolve, by the help of Thy holy grace, not to offend Thee any more, but to avoid all occasions of sin, for the love of Thee.

Strengthen this sorrow and this resolution in my heart every day until I die.

Mary, my dear Mother, and Mother of Jesus, my God and Saviour, take care of me, thy child, this day, and show thyself a mother to me.