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Most Holy Child Jesus.


They are men of good-will; their hearts are brave and pure. They are true and single-hearted men.

With care far tenderer than their own does the great God look down upon them.

Over their little fire of sticks they sing to their pipes of reed the songs of David, the shepherd-king, who slew the lion and the bear and the tall giant of Gath:

'The Lord is my Shepherd, and I shall lack nothing.'

'The Shepherd of Israel' 'slumbers not, nor sleeps.'

The sound floats on the sharp midnight air; the watch-fire flickers, and casts long shadows out into the gloom.

In a moment a bright light flashes around them—a brightness from God.

And the Angel of God stands by them.

So sudden, so strange a sight upon this dark earth, no wonder that these simple men tremble with dread.

'Fear not; I bring you the good news—