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Most Holy Child Jesus.


joy and peace; but so quiet and of such low estate are they, that none seem to notice them.

Yet that Babe is the Lord of the Temple, Lord of heaven and earth, of all creation. Heaven itself cannot contain His glory, nor countless angels worship Him enough or sound the praises due to Him.

It is His will to be offered thus for the love of us, with all His glory hidden, in His Temple on earth.

It is His will because it is the will of the Father who has loved us with an everlasting love.

The crowds know not, as they press by, that it is their Saviour and God.

Yet Mary, whose only thought is to do the will of her Son, knows that she is offering a gift beyond all price, at once her first-born Son and her God.

Aged Simeon, the holy servant of God, for years and years has come daily to the