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Most Holy Child Jesus.


and glory, but they are the babes of Bethlehem who perish.

Dear Jesus, how couldest Thou suffer these harmless lambs to lose their young lives thus?

To the angels Thy birth was joy unspeakable.

To Mary it was heaven on earth.

To Joseph, to the shepherds, to the kings, to Simeon and Anna, it was the brightness of the very God.

But to these poor guileless babes it has brought red blood and death.

The innocent and sinless are not to be without their penance in this world, upon which falls the deep shadow of sin. I see it is Thy holy will, who willest all things well.

Not even they.

I, then, will at least deny myself some little pleasure each day for love of Thee.

I will not always seek and choose the easy and the flowery path.