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The Little Book of the

But Oh, how wondrous is that prayer!

Earth has never sent up to the eternal Throne a prayer like the prayer of Jesus.

That the world which God had made might give its Maker fitting worship, He has come to us.

Not only does the race of man give becoming worship in that prayer, but that Holy Child who prays is God.

Man's eye can only see the form of a kneeling child.

But angels unseen around, angels in the highest heaven, wonder and adore.

Earth's worship is now Divine through that Sacred Heart which prays for men.

Dear Jesus, I will often think of Thee praying in the Temple.

I will be devout and very reverent in church, which is Thy holy Temple, my Father's house, where Thou art present on the Altar.

Drive far from me all vain and sinful thoughts.