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Most Holy Child Jesus.


Their souls have been full of sorrow.

For three whole days they have lost the Child, and all the light went out from their hearts.

He had not come for them alone, His Father's business called Him.

At Mary's word He leaves the work for yet a while, and departs with her to dwell at Nazareth, their home in Galilee, in the house of Joseph the carpenter.

Dear Jesus, all Wisdom and Knowledge as Thou art, Thou didst stand like a teachable child before the doctors of Jerusalem.

I will gladly receive the words of those whom Thou hast set over me.

I know but very little. Teach me in their teaching, and above all things to know and love Thee.

Dear Mother Mary, to whom the holy Child was obedient, pray to Him for me.

Holy Joseph, I look to thee as a father.