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Most Holy Child Jesus.


No hurry, no indolence, no weariness of heart is known in that abode.

No sadness, no boisterous mirth, which there would sound out of harmony.

Few words are spoken; each knows the other's heart too well to need many words.

From the fresh dawn until the red sun sinks beyond the green western hills there is a peaceful round of labour and of loving offices to God and man.

Labour lightened by calm peace and love.

And so on through the days and years Joseph and Mary have heaven on earth.

For He who is the Light and Joy of their hearth is the Brightness of eternity, the Light of the new Jerusalem.

In the future, growing nearer every day, and ever present in that Child's Heart, there is that dark Cross on Calvary—the wood of the awful Sacrifice and the cruel nails by which the Victim will be bound obedient to the Father's will, bonds