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Most Holy Child Jesus.


eternal Son, God and Man, the Holy Child of Bethlehem and Nazareth; Jesus, the one great High-Priest for ever, who offered Himself to Thee for me and for all mankind upon the Cross.


When the Priest is at the foot of the Altar.

I desire to join with Thy priest at the Altar in offering up this Holy Sacrifice:

  1. In worship of Thee, the great and all-holy God;
  2. To thank Thee for all the good things Thou hast done for me and all Thy people;
  3. To beg Thee to turn away Thy anger from my sins and the sins of all men; and
  4. To ask Thee to continue Thy goodness to me, to bless my father and mother, and [Here mention those for whom you ought or wish to pray, and do not forget to pray for