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Most Holy Child Jesus.


more truly, and be more worthy to receive Him.


Jesus, I love Thee, at least I desire very much to love Thee. What joy it would be to love Thee as I ought to love, and as Thou desirest to be loved!

Give me grace to love Thee in Thy most Holy Sacrament, with all my heart, with all my mind, and with all my strength.

Teach me ever more and more to love Thee now; give me grace to die in Thy holy love, so as to live in the joy of that love for evermore.


Come, dear Jesus, to be my Divine Food to nourish me in Thy way. Come, dear Shepherd, to guard me; my Father, to take possession of me; my Life, to live in me; my Light, to guide me. Come, Expected of the nations, Desire of the fathers, Joy of the angels, Delight of heaven, Bliss