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Most Holy Child Jesus.


What shall I do to show my gratitude? Thou, O my Jesus, dost abide within me. I will be still and quiet, and learn of Thee. May Thy love kindle love in me. Suffer me not to drive Thee away by distracting thoughts and idle fancies.


Jesus, my God, I thank Thee, or rather I know not how to thank Thee. Would that Thou Thyself wouldst fill my heart and lips with praise, that all my life long I might sing Thy glory, and show forth Thy wondrous works.

Ye Angels and Saints, thank and bless my God for me; supply what is lacking in me. Why should I remain cold and heartless? What has He done for you who love Him so, that He has not done for me? He has given me His own Self—all that He has to give.

Jesus, my God, I thank Thee, and I fain would love Thee. Stay with me until