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Most Holy Child Jesus.


Thee and rejoice in the perfect worship of Thee through endless ages of joy hereafter.


What have I to offer to Thee, O God, as a pledge of my gratitude and love? I have nothing but what by every title is already Thine—myself, my body and soul. Take me then, O Lord, and grant that I may be for ever truly Thine; my body to be employed in Thy service, my soul to know, love, and be faithful to Thee for evermore.

Never suffer me, who have received Thee in the Holy Sacrament of Thy love, to betray Thee, to become the servant of sin, and of Thy enemy, the devil.

Blessed Mother of God, Mary ever Virgin, I rejoice in they great glory and wonderful prerogatives which thy Divine Son has delighted to bestow upon thee. Remember that, hanging upon the Cross, He bade thee take me for thy child. Be a