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Little Women.

gorgeous in every respect. I do wonder if any of us will ever get our wishes," said Laurie, chewing grass, like a meditative calf.

" Fve got the key to my castle in the air ; but whether I can unlock the door, remains to be seen," observed Jo, mysteriously.

•'I've got the key to mine, but Fm not allowed to try it. Hang college ! " muttered Laurie, with an impatient sigh.

" Here's mine ! " and Amy waved her pencil.

"I haven't got any," said Meg, forlornly.

"Yes you have," said Laurie, at once.


" In your face."

" Nonsense ; that's of no use."

" Wait and see if it doesn't bring you something worth having," replied the boy, laughing at the thought of a charming little secret which he fancied he knew.

Meg colored behind the brake, but asked no ques- tions, and looked across the river with the same expectant expression which Mr. Brooke had worn when he told the story of the knight.

"If we are all alive ten years hence, let's meet, and see how many of us have got our wishes, or how much nearer we are them than now," said Jo, always ready with a plan.

" Bless me ! how old I shall be, — twenty-seven ! " exclaimed Meg, who felt grown up already, having just reached seventeen.

"You and I shall be twenty-six, Teddy; Beth