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Little Women.

the. old gentleman collared me. Then I got angry, and bolted, for fear I should forget myself."

" It wasn't nice, but he's sorry, I know ; so go down and make up. I'll help you."

" Hanged if I do ! I'm not going to be lectured and pummelled by every one, just for a bit of a frolic. I "djas sorry about Meg, and begged pardon like a man ; but I won't do it again, when I wasn't in the wrong."

" He didn't know that."

" He ought to trust me, and not act as if I was a baby. It's no use, Jo ; he's got to learn that I'm able to take care of myself, and don't need any one's apron- string to hold on by."

"What pepper-pots you are ! " sighed Jo. "How do you mean to settle this affair?"

" Well, he ought to beg pardon, and believe me when I say I can't tell him what the row's about."

" Bless you ! he won't do that."

"I won't go down till he does."

" Now, Teddy, be sensible ; let it pass, and I'll ex- plain what I can. You can't stay here, so what's the use of being melodramatic ? "

" I don't intend to stay here long, any-way. I'll slip off and take a journey somewhere, and when grandpa misses me he'll come round fast enough."

" I dare say ; but you ought not to go and worry him."

" Don't preach. I'll go to Washington and see Brooke ; it's gay there, and I'll enjoy myself after the troubles."

" What fun you'd have ! I wish I could run off