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This couple they're married, and live very happy,
Enjoying one another with pleasures so canty,
The rocks they shall melt,
And the mountains shall remove,
(illegible text) ever I prove false to the woman I love.


Both ſexes give ear unto my fancy.
While in praiſe dear women I ſing,
Confin’d not to Moll, Kate or Nancy,
But make, from the Beggar to King.

Old Adam when firſt was created,
And Lord of the Univerſe crown’d;
In happineſs was not compleated
Until that a Help-mate he found.

He’d all things for food that was wanting,
Which makes us content thro' our lives;
He’d horſes and foxes for hunting,
That ſome men love more than their wives,

He’d a garden ſo planted by nature,
Men cannot produce in this life;
But ſtill the all-wiſe GREAT CREATOR,
Saw that he wanted a wife.

Then Adam was laid in a ſlumber,
And then he loſt part of his ſide,
And when he awoke, he with wonder
Beheld his moſt beautiful bride.