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Is the failure in the performance of contracts between employers and employed so generally complained of confined to one of the contracting parties? We ask the experienced.



On Sunday evening Mrs. Lee announced to her family that Lucy was to leave home in the morning. Lee was reduced to passiveness, and a long interval of temperance, enforced though it was, had caused him to revert to some of the feelings of his better days. "Come to my bedside, Lucy," he said; "you are going out into the world, child—you'll find it's a selfish world—everybody is for number one—keep open a jealous eye—don't submit to be trampled on—I have seen enough of the tyranny of mankind—I have no faith in them—your mother will tell you a different story—your mother is one of the best of women, and her own goodness is a kind of veil between her and the wickedness of the world. She puts the best face on everything, but she does not seem to have much to say for the place you are going to—well, there is one consolation—you can always change it—if you have anything to complain of, let us know it—don't submit to imposition. Now I have given you all the advice I can think of—but oh, my child,