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had to be revised and verified, and each volume re-examined for minute peculiarities. Livingston drew up the general plan for the catalogue and all the models for collations, descriptions and notes. It soon became evident that the details of the catalogue were taking time that he might better employ on the current work of the business. The editorial labour was therefore turned over in November, 1901, to George Watson Cole, by whom it was carried through to a successful completion in 1909. Livingston took a keen interest in the progress of the work, reading all the proofs with great care, and the decision on questions of policy and arrangement ordinarily rested with him.

A number of his trade catalogues developed into regular bibliographies. It was thoroughly characteristic of his attitude toward his work, that when he described any set of books, for sale, he pointed out the titles which were not included, with the same care that he gave to describing the choicest treasures in the offering.

Livingston's name first appeared on a title-page on the first volume of 'American Book Prices Current,' which was published in 1895. The work of