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He was an active member of the group that tried to establish The Bibliographer as the American organ for those interested in bookish technicalities. During 1902 and 1903 he prepared for it facsimile reprints of two important early American tracts and of the first edition of Milton's Comus. Each of these was reissued in separate form. He also edited facsimiles of a rare German edition of the Vespucius Voyages and of the first edition of Bacon's Essaies. He planned to republish a number of other rare tracts of this character, in connection with his work at Harvard. The first of these, Captain John Smith's Circular or Prospectus of his Generall Historie, was in type before he died, and has been issued, as he intended, by Mrs. Livingston.

In 1905 he began to contribute regularly to the New York Evening Post and The Nation under the heading 'News for Bibliophiles' upon such subjects as 'Shakespeare Quartos,' 'The Most Valuable American Printed Book,' 'The Van Antwerp Library,' 'A New Manuscript of Poe,' 'Early Books about New Jersey,' and 'A New Old-Book Firm.' A few articles of the same character were written for 'The Bibliographer' column of the Boston Evening