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Nothing is claimed for this sketch as an original production by the writer. It has been written with the view of extending reliable knowledge of African affairs among our American citizens, who, as their interests and welfare have become peculiarly involved with those of the African race, will have especial need of all information that may tend to enlighten them concerning the past history and future hopes of that race. The facts given have been drawn chiefly from accounts published by observers of excellent character, often in their own words, and will enable the reader to form a correct idea of the present relation in which the people of England and France stand towards those of Madagascar; and more particularly with respect to the efforts which have been made towards introducing Christian civilization into that island.

If these labors shall lead our American citizens who are charged with the affairs of a great and important government, to a more careful consideration of our moral obligations towards the true interests of Africa, and of the best manner of serving these interests through our Liberian colony, which lies on the opposite side of the African continent from Madagascar, the writer will consider himself amptly rewarded. He has aimed at nothing more, and will regard himself happy if he shall have accomplished that.