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Khoonds of the Goomsoor Mountains.


To The Secretary to the Madras Literary Society.

&c. &c. &c.

Sir,—Any thing connected with the history of the tribes above the Goomsoor ranges of mountains, being interesting at the present moment, I beg to send you a list of Khond (or Ghond) words, which I collected whilst up there.

The Wodiah, I have also put down, which will render the list more interesting, and enable those, better qualified than myself, to make useful comparisons. To those passing through Wodiana into Khondistan this little list may also be of some service. I have only to regret that I cannot send you a more extended one.

I have the honor to be,
Your obedient servant,

Samulcottah, March 15, 1837.

W. G. Maxwell, m. d.

The Vocabulary is the following one:—

H tig dsn. rroaatali. Anona. one ekke ekke two douc doue three tine tine four chare chare five panch panchu six chau sau seven sat sathu eight ath athu nine nau nau ten dos dosu eleven egarah egara twelve barah baarali thirteen terah terah fourteen chaudah saudah fifteen pundarah pundarah sixteen sol ah solah seventeen satarah sataarah eighteen atarah ataarah nineteen unis unisi twenty kody koze a man manusha jama woman maikinya asamida boy pua apo ghia budc father boppa aba